Professional Golf Photos

Why get a GNG Golf Photo taken?

Impress your friends and work colleagues with an amazing photo of you on the golf course.

Appear mid-shot, in deep contemplation on the green, or with your friends and family enjoying life on the course.

Don't settle for a boring group shot when our high speed professional equipment can capture you mid-swing in the highest detail.

Sylvia Kim at the Palmer Coolum Resort Golf Course

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  • 20 Digital Photos
  • 2 Sizes Provided
  • Small size for WeChat
  • Large size for iPad


  • 25 Digital Photos
  • 3 Sizes (Wechat, iPad, Print Quality)
  • Printed Photo Book


  • 30 Digital Photos (2 Sizes)
  • Printed Photo Book
  • 2 Framed Photos A3
  • 1 Framed Photo A2

Prices vary depending on Golf Course

Customized Packages are available

Photographer and Cinematographer : Konrad Steinmuller

Konrad has been living in Tianjin for over 4 years after working for a startup Advertising Company in 2011.

A keen sports photographer for many years, Konrad has competed and been awarded in several Photo Competitions in China.

You can see a lot of Konrad's photos and videos on this website, the Tianjin Single Malt Club, and the Tianjin Futsal League.